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How does it work? Fill in when you need a babysitter and choose from our available babysitters. Book your babysitter and arrange a time to meet. You can pay the babysitter after the shift or via a bank transfer. Please leave a review which will help both the babysitter and other parents when choosing a sitter.

  • Select date and time
  • Book your babysitter
  • Pay in cash or with a bank transfer
  • Leave a review

Get-to-know interview You can always arrange a free get-to-know interview with your babysitter. Just send your sitter a message to arrange a time over cup of tea or coffee.

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Super service! The system works pleasant and the selection of sitters is also good. We met 3 nice babysitters and they were all a good match for my family.


Great new website! We find this online service perfect for our busy lives and will definitely keep using it! Jo and Marcel


I am very happy with the babysitters! They are screened and even last minute requests are not a problem!


Nanny Nina helped me very well finding me a nice babysitter when I arrived in the Netherlands. I want the same babysitter each time, which is why the website really works!


I am very happy with Nanny Nina, the babysitters are all nice, my children love them, and I can now finally book my babysitter instead of calling all my neighbours.


I used Nanny Nina for the first time and I was very impressed! As a busy working parent, it is really nice to have this kind of affordable and reliable support. Thank you!