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4How does it work? Fill out when you need a babysitter and choose from available babysitters. Book the babysitter immediately and arrange a time to meet. You can pay the babysitter after the job or via online banking. Give a public feedback to the babysitter and help other parents with choosing!

  • Select date and time
  • Book your babysitter
  • Pay in cash or online
  • Give a review

Get-to-know interview You can always arrange a free get-to-know meeting with your babysitter. Just send a message for an appointment over cup of tea or coffee.

Reacties van ouders

Coen Timmer-van Gaalen (Delft)

Super service! The system works pleasant and the selection is also good. We met 3 nice babysitters and they were all a good match with my family.

Joke Duijnisveld (Delft)

Great new site! We find this online service perfect for our busy lives and will definitely keep using it! Joke en Marcel

Karin (t' Gooi)

I am very happy with the babysitters of Madelief! They are screened and even last minute requests are not a problem!

Nareen (Delft)

Madelief helped me really good with finding my nice babysitter when I arrived in a new country I want the same babysitter each time, which is why the website really works!

Priscilla Genovesi Silva-Bueninck (Delft)

I am very happy with oppasmadelief, the babysitters are all nice, my children love them I can now finally book my babysitter instead of calling all my neighbour girls.

Renee Veldman (Delft)

I used Oppas Madelief for the first time and was really impressed! As a busy working parent, it is really great to have this child of affordable and reliable support. Bedankt!