Nanny Nina behaviour guideline

Below we describe what we expect from our babysitters

The Nanny Nina behaviour code

  • Always start your email with a greeting ( ‘Hello name parent” and “looking forward to hearing from you, your name”)
  • Dress neatly
  • When you are not able to babysit when you are booked, you call the parents (don't text or whatsapp) and also your Suburb Captain
  • Do not invite other people over when you are babysitting.
  • Don't look at your mobile phone all the time.
  • You are enthusiastic and have plenty ideas of things to do with the children.
  • Ask the parents what the children are allowed to do: often there is a maximum time that the kids can watch tv or play video games
  • Always ask the parents for their phone numbers (in case of an emergency)
  • You ask about rituals, bed times etc.
  • When you are sick and you cannot babysit, call your suburb captain and the parents
  • Don't smoke in the house
  • You do not place anything on Social Media regarding your babysitting without asking the parents


  • In case of an emergency: call the parents and 000.
  • When a baby keeps crying (more than 30 min) call the parents for advice.
  • When you suspect something strange about a family: call your captain.