Planning a wedding or childrens birthday party? Our babysitters really love parties :) We will make sure that all guests, small and tall, enjoy the day!

A babysitter at your party

Are you organizing a party or wedding? And do you, or your guests have children? Or can you use some help when throwing a kids party? With one of our babysitters, both you and all your guests will have a great time! We carefully select all our sitters, so you will always have a reliable, spontaneous and energetic babysitter at your festivity!


We count 1 babysitter per 8 kids. When there are many young children (younger then 4 years old), then it is wise to count 1 babysitter per 5 kids. The table below indicates all the prices. The babysitter costs 22 AUD per hour and the arrangement fee is calculated per babysitter (and thus per number of kids).


Our babysitters are active and enthusiastic girls (and guys!). They will entertain the children at your festivity to ensure you have a great time. You can choose from one of our activity packages. Perhaps you are looking for some creative activities to be arranged at your party? Call us for some tips (for free) or check out the below ideas. We have a lot of experience and love to help :)

Crafting and creative package $

With this package, we will arrange a lovely babysitter.You only have to arrange is a table with some drawing and other crafting stuff, and the sitter will ensure that everything else will run smoothly. The babysitter will give a mini crafting workshop and at the end of the day the bride and the groom will receive a signed portrait drawing from the little artists! :)

Sports package

Arrange a ball, a jumping rope and some chalk to draw. The sitter will draw a small soccer field and the kids will have the time of their life :) Tip: Ask parents to bring the favorite games of their children. In this way, success is guaranteed!

Looking for more activities? Please check out the below tips

tip: Wedding bingo!!

A great way to entertain both parents and kids: the children will receive cards from the babysitter with descriptions of people. Example: "Man with beard, or woman on red heels". They can ask that person for a signature, and when the card is filled, they receive a small surprise!

How to arrange the babysitter

Just e-mail us your request, and mention the date and times of the party and what you have in mind so far. We will then be able to find a babysitter that matches your request and that is available that day.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Just call or email us, we love to help!