Flexible babysitter

Would you like to go out once in a while? And perhaps you don't always want to ask your parents or the girl living next door? We are happy to help with our flexible babysit service! You can simply book your screened babysitter online. We know it is important that you know who is babysitting so you can always meet the babysitter beforehand (free of charge). This way you always have a nice and reliable babysitter! Simply contact your suburb captain or make an online booking.

The hourly rate of our babysitters is between $15 and $30 per hour. When your children are asleep you pay less: the evening rate is around $2 per hour lower.

Pay with cash or simply transfer the money using your reliable banking app!

$24,90 per month and you will always have a sitter when you need one. With our last-minute service, you can call us anytime!

Babysitter hourly rate

Our babysitters earn between $15 to $30 per hour. Their rate depends on how much experience and certificates the babysitter has. If your children are asleep you pay less, as your babysitter can do something else instead of watching the children. You can find the hourly rate in the babysitters profile.

Pay cash or with a bank transfer

You pay the sitter directly when you get home (we do not receive a percentage of this). In your email booking confirmation you can find the bank account details of your sitter, or you can pay cash if this is something you both prefer!

Babysit-service 24.90 per month

When you have a subscription you can book a babysitter whenever you want. The last-minute service and if a babysitter gets sick service are included in the subscription, so you can call, text or email us whenever your need a sitter. The subscription is 24.90 per month and with this we hope that you never have to worry about a babysitter again! :)

If you really only need a babysitter for one time, our last-minute service is also possible.
You can find information about this on our" last-minute" page. We can arrange your one-off or last-minute sitter for 44.90 AUD. Last-Minute pagel



Super service! The system works pleasant and the selection of sitters is also good. We met 3 nice babysitters and they were all a good match for my family.


Great new website! We find this online service perfect for our busy lives and will definitely keep using it! Jo and Marcel


I am very happy with the babysitters! They are screened and even last minute requests are not a problem!


Nanny Nina helped me very well finding me a nice babysitter when I arrived in the Netherlands. I want the same babysitter each time, which is why the website really works!


I am very happy with Nanny Nina, the babysitters are all nice, my children love them, and I can now finally book my babysitter instead of calling all my neighbours.


I used Nanny Nina for the first time and I was very impressed! As a busy working parent, it is really nice to have this kind of affordable and reliable support. Thank you!