A good and reliable babysitter is very important!
This is why we screen all of our babysitters personally
before we place them online.

Selection method

We screen all the babysitters first before we place their profiles online. We check if the babysitters fit the Nanny Nina profile: reliable, enthusiastic, polite and responsible. Girls (or boys) that like to work with children and are always on time! Our selection procedure consist of 3 rounds

We check their experience, educational background, age and appearance of every babysitter that subscribes to us.

We also check their Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The final stage is an interview and a test to see how the candidate responds to common situations that occur when babysitting.

Round 1: Profile check

First, we check if the candidate meets our basic requirements. We check their babysitting experience, education and age.

Round 2. Social Media Check

With this check we search for things that you can't find when you only read a resume. Facebook profiles give an extra insight and can help us to decide if the candidate matches our expectations of a Nanny Nina babysitter.

Round 3: Face to face interview

In the final round we invite the candidates for an interview. Based on this, we will make a judgement regarding their babysitting experience. We ask each of them how they would respond in a situation that often occurs when you are babysitting. We check if the candidate can adequately respond to unexpected situations and of course if they match the Nanny Nina profile!


If a candidate passed the three rounds, we give them the Nanny Nina Babysit Training. This training contains of all the basics you need to know when you are a babysitter. The most occurring situations are discussed and we explain the correct response to each situation. The sitter also need to know some practical information before the parents can leave. For example: allergies, bedtimes, bedtime rituals, favourite toy and phone numbers to call in emergency situations. They will get the opportunity to learn about the First Aid basics and receive a First Aid Certificate so they all know what to do when an incident occurs.