General Information

Your Suburb Captain selects and trains the babysitters and nannies in your suburb. We have a personal and local contact person.

Nanny Nina is a babysitting company, founded by two sisters: Jasmijn and Lyla in 2010. It was a success, answering a real problem that parents face!

On our website, you can easily find and book a reliable and screened babysitter or nanny on the day and time that you need one. In this way, your babysitter is always well arranged! We are happy to help you find your reliable sitter. Please call your suburb captain if you have questions, we really love to help! Click here For our phone numbers.

All services

Occasional babysitter

  • Do you sometimes need a babysitter?
  • Book online
  • Meet your sitter beforehand
  • Incl. last-minute service
  • (call us anytime and enjoy your freedom:)

Fixed day /after school babysitter

  • After school babysitter
  • Nanny
  • Au pair

Party babysitter / Business babysitter

  • Last-Minute Babysitter
  • Party Babysitter
  • Business-Babysitter



Super service! The system works pleasant and the selection of sitters is also good. We met 3 nice babysitters and they were all a good match for my family.


Great new website! We find this online service perfect for our busy lives and will definitely keep using it! Jo and Marcel


I am very happy with the babysitters! They are screened and even last minute requests are not a problem!


Nanny Nina helped me very well finding me a nice babysitter when I arrived in the Netherlands. I want the same babysitter each time, which is why the website really works!


I am very happy with Nanny Nina, the babysitters are all nice, my children love them, and I can now finally book my babysitter instead of calling all my neighbours.


I used Nanny Nina for the first time and I was very impressed! As a busy working parent, it is really nice to have this kind of affordable and reliable support. Thank you!