What is Nanny Nina?

We are a service that helps parents finding a reliable babysitter on day and time they need one. By subscribing, you can book your trained and selected babysitter and also book a free 15 min. meeting to get to know your babysitter in advance.

How does Nanny Nina select their babysitters?

We screen and speak to all babysitters before parents can book them through the website. Step 1 is an online check to see if the candidate matches our criteria. We read their profile and experience and check their Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Instagram accounts. In step 2 we invite the babysitters for a personal interview. We ask the babysitters how they would react in several difficult situations that could occur when babysitting. Additionally, our babysitters should always be on time, responsible and reliable.

I am completely new with babysitters, what is the normal procedure?

This is a very normal question! When you are new to the babysitting, you might like to first have a short meeting with the new babysitter, having a cup of tea or coffee to get to know each other. You then also have enough time to explain all the habits and special things about your child. Please make sure to exchange telephone numbers before leaving. It is common to pay the babysitter at the end of the shift, either in cash or via a bank transfer. Kindly discuss together with the babysitter which option works best for the both of you.

Is a babysitter for 1 child the same price as for multiple?

Yes! The hourly wage differs a bit per babysitter (based on their age and experience). You can the see the rate on the profile of your babysitter

How and when do I pay for the babysitter and/or website?

You pay the babysitter direct at the end of the shift. The website has a monthly subscription fee that you pay the first time you want to book a babysitter. You can then use the site for 1 month. You can cancel at any time, however, if you do not cancel the subscription is prolonged.

How do I make a booking

To make a booking, please fill in your postcode and the times that you need a sitter on our homepage. The website then shows the babysitters that are available during that time and live nearby. To see their contact information and to make the booking, kindly subscribe first :). You will receive an e-mail confirmation of the booking and then the babysitter will call you to confirm the booking.

How do I book a first short (15 minutes) to get to know the babysitter?

Please call the sitter or send a message to him or her to make an agreement on when to meet

I did not receive a confirmation from the babysitter

If you have not heard anything from your babysitter 1.5 days before your booking, kindly call the babysitter. If she does not answer, please call your captain. She will help you to contact her or find you another babysitter for that day.

I need a babysitter for multiple days in the week, is this possible?

Yes! If you are already a member of Nanny Nina, you can first see if there is a babysitter available by searching the days and times in the database. You can also look for more information on the fixed nanny page" Your city captain will then search for a babysitter that is available. This, however, has some additional cost.

I only need a babysitter for one time, is this possible?

We do have the option for a "one-off babysitter". Please call your suburb captain, she will arrange the babysitter for you. More information on a one-off sitter

I need a babysitter for a party..

We can help you with that! Please have a look at the special page: parties.

How did you determine the rates of the babysitters?

We considered the regular rates for babysitters, taking into account their experience, age and certificates. More info on rates: https://www.payscale.com/research/AU/Job=Babysitter/Hourly_Rate

I need a babysitter tonight! What should I do?

Please call your suburb captain! We cannot 100% guarantee anything, but most of the time we can arrange your last-minute babysitter :)Find your captain's phone number

Do your babysitters have first aid certificates?

We offer yearly first aid courses to all our babysitters, but these are not obligatory. This means that some of our babysitters have first aid certificates and this is mentioned in their profile.

Can I text or call a babysitter to ask whether she can babysit?

Yes that is possible when you have a running subscription with Nanny Nina. However, keep in mind that the babysitter then have to manually add the booking in thier calendar to ensure she does not get booked by another parent through the website.

The website does not show any babysitters in my area?

This means that Nanny Nina is not yet available in your area! Check the captain closest to you and email her to double check.

Can I get my subscription fee back?

If you did not find a suitable babysitter, please let your city captain know. We try everything to arrange the best babysitters in your area, so please let us know why you are not happy. If for some reason Nanny Nina does not work for you for a valid reason, we will of course transfer back the paid fee

Who is my suburb captain?

Please have a look at our "contact" page. There you will find a list of our captains and their suburbs they manage.

How do I write a review for a babysitter?

To write a review, please log in with your email and password. After clicking in your account, you will see the option "review" in your drop-down menu. You also receive an email after you booked a babysitter with a link to write her/ him a review.

How much does the babysitter cost?

A babysitter costs between $15 - $30 per hour. The rate differs per babysitter and is mentioned in their profile. Please be aware that there is a night and day rate.

When do I calculate the evening rate and when the day rate?

Day rate is when your kids are awake. So when their bedtime is 7 PM, the day rate counts until 7 PM, and after that you calculate the evening rate.

Are there cancellation costs?

No, there are no extra costs if you cancel the babysitter. However, please consider that the babysitter has freed her agenda for you, so we kindly request to not make a habit out of this:)

How do I pay the babysitter?

Both yourself and the sitter can decide how to the payment will be made. Either in cash or via bank transfer with your regular banking app. The bank account details can be found in the confirmation email.

My babysitter cancelled, what to do?

That is not the way we like to work, so please accept our apologies! Please call you suburb captain (the number can be found on the contact page), she will arrange a last-minute babysitter for you!

Can I share my discount code??

Sure! Sharing is caring.

How can I cancel my subscription?

The end date of your subscription is shown in your account. When you go to "payments", you are able to cancel your subscription there.

How can I verify my account as a babysitter

Your captain can verify your account. Please send her an email and she will be able to let you know if she needs more sitters in the area.