The quality of our nannies is of vital importance for us! This is why we ask parents to post a review about their nanny or babysitter after every shift. Find the most recent reviews below. More information on how we screen and select our sitters, please go to " screening". Warm regards, Nina

Most recent nanny reviews from other parents


I am very happy with the babysitters from Nanny Nina! They are all screened and even my last-minute requests are not a problem for my captain! With Nanny Nina we always have a nice sitter ready when necessary, either during the day or at night.


Every Tuesday and Thursday our sitter Tess comes to our house to care for the kids. Thanks for arranging this! If she is cannot come to babysit, the ladies from Nanny Nina arrange another babysitter. Also very pleasant to communicate with and very are fast.


Lyla en Jasmijn, thank you so much! We can finally go out for dinner together, after our first baby we never did this and now its possible again!

We can leave our children with your babysitters, we know they are in good hands!


Nanny Nina found our nice babysitter for us, they are pleasant to communicate with and respond very fast. We have met several babysitters and they were always very good. Thank you!

Mama Cindy

We book our sitters with Nanny Nina for a while now and are very happy with the service. We always have a babysitter when we need one and all the girls are GREAT! I can recommend it to everybody.


Hi Lyla and Jasmijn and of course our wonderful babysitters. I am very happy with you! Making a booking is very simple and if there suddenly is a problem you help me very fast (our babysitter got sick and within 10 min we had another babysitter ) and also complaints are really heard and dealt with. Our babysitters are very nice girls (sorry Nils and Thomas, and boys). Niven doens't mind at all when the babysitter comes (when I haven't been out for a while he even asks if he can't have a sitter again). I can definitely recommend Nanny Nina! (I am already doing this with the other parents at school).


Really nice girls, enthusiastic and polite, exactly what I was looking for.


I used Nanny Nina for the first time and was really impressed! A huge thank you to Jasmijn and Lyla for answering all my questions and also helping co-ordinate someone at a fairly short notice. Rosaly was not only on time, she was early, and immediately "clicked" with the children and after only 15 minutes with her here, I felt very comfortable leaving her with my girls. She was polite, interested and I also appreciate that she travelled around 20 minutes each way to come to me for just a few hours. As a busy working parent, it is really great to have this kind of affordable and reliable support. Thank you!


I am very happy with our babysitter! Our children are also enthusiastic. The service is great, and matches perfectly to our wishes. Thank you!


Super service! The system works pleasant and the selection of sitters is also good. We met 3 nice babysitters and they were all a good match for my family

Priscilla Genovesi Silva-Bueninck

Dear parents, I am very happy with Nanny Nina, the babysitters are all nice, my children love them, and I can now finally book my babysitter instead of calling all my neighbours. Thank you Lyla and Jasmin for the great service last time when Merel got sick at the last minute and you arranged for a replacement!

Fam. Kooijman

Yesterday evening Jasper was our babysitter, He was such a wonderful polite young man, really a great babysitter. I am very happy with Nanny Nina!

Michel / Felicia

Amazing, we are very pleased with your service. And we want more parents to hear about this, we really recommend it!

Jose Gomez

Communication could not have been any smoother. I have found 2 regular babysitters for my little girl. great service.


We love the new website! We think this booking system works perfectly for us and we will definitely keep using it!


Dear ladies, We are very happy with your service; the sitters are all very nice; we think so and so does our son! The bookings are easy and nicely organised in the system. So many compliments for you from very happy customers! I already recommended you to 2 other mothers!


I have been using Nanny Nina for 3 years now and am very happy with the service and the site. From the moment my daughter was 5 months old the babysitters took care of her when I had to go somewhere. The website is perfect for parents with a schedule that changes a lot! We have met very nice babysitters and if we had any questions or complaints the ladies from Nanny Nina listened to them carefully and took action.


Nanny Nina helped us to find a reliable and good sitters several times now. We booked the same sitter so that we wouldn't see different faces every time. It's a super-service! We have been using them for years now.


Living in a new country with no family or friends to help out on those occasions when you need a babysitter is terrifying. Thank goodness I found a leaflet in DOK Delft for Nanny Nina when my son was just a few Months old and have not looked back since - my son is now 8! I generally find a few girls (or boys) that Frederick likes and stick to them. I don't really like having someone different every time, which is why the website really works. You can see on the day you need a sitter which ones are available. They have helped me out a number of times when I've needed someone in an emergency, or a babysitter has phoned in sick - they somehow always manage to find someone. What I like the most is that the captains are locals, they know me and I know them, its a personal service.